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Office Cleaning During Pandemic – Dangan

Not so long ago, a clean office was simply an issue of the comfort of the staff who work in it, and the necessity to provide a pleasant environment.  A little further down the line, health and safety had a role to play, and standards improved as a result.  At the present time, the risks of inadequate cleaning are even greater; a recent study showed that the virus responsible for Covid-19 can remain infectious on surfaces such as banknotes, phone screens and stainless steel for up to 28 days.

It is often the case in some small offices, that cleaning duties are shared amongst office staff, and not so long ago this was probably adequate.  An extra fifteen minutes at the end of the working day, to see that everything is at least clean and tidy, can suffice when only three or four people use the office. However, this approach can impact the well-being of office staff.

This is a good time for office managers to review a system that may have worked well in the past but will now not be sufficient. Vacuum cleaning the office carpet, emptying the waste bins and giving them a quick wipe out with a damp cloth, rubbing down the desks to remove sticky finger marks, and a duster run over the windowsills and filing cabinets does not ensure an office is truly clean.  It is no longer appropriate to assume that ‘anyone’ can do a bit of cleaning than it is to entrust the delivery of important documents to somebody simply on the grounds that they have a driving licence. 

It is a long time since cleaning equipment consisted of a broom, a mop and bucket, and a duster, and yet there are still people who fail to realise that cleaning is now a skilled job.  A professional cleaner, such as those who work in Dangan Group’s teams, will know how to handle the many different chemicals that are used on surfaces that range from carpets to sensitive IT equipment. Computers and communications systems need to be handled with care.  Keyboards should be disinfected, particularly if they are used by more than one person, but they must also be protected from water damage. The same can be said for intercoms and telephones, where surfaces can harbour bacteria and viruses for days, and which may be used by several members of staff.

Dangan Group’s professional cleaners have tried and tested routines for ensuring that workplaces are maintained to a more than adequate standard of hygiene and cleanliness.  Dangan uses thorough auditing methods and holds key performance indicator meetings, which ensure our high standards are maintained, and the requirements of our clients are met.  We train our cleaning staff carefully and thoroughly, and they are highly motivated; they take a genuine pride in the standard of their work.  The teams that stand behind them look to the requirements of our clients; we are reliable and flexible and have a clear understanding of the economic pressures on modern businesses.  Businesses today need to focus on their own cores and priorities, and office cleaning is a factor that can, and should, be out-sourced to the professionals best placed to handle it.

Dangan Group’s expertise and commitment ensures that its clients achieve the standards they require and expect and a cost-effective solution.